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Only 9 months left till the KKDIK Regulation is enforced!

The Republic of Turkey gradually introduces new legislation which regulates chemicals – the KKDIK Regulation. This law is similar to EU REACH. Such legislation is introduced to enhance the quality and safety management of local and imported chemicals on a country’s market. The main principle of KKDIK is “no data – no market”. This means […]

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Enroll in our new PT Program “Working Environment – 2023”

In February 2023 an extended Accreditation Scope of Aventine as PT Provider was approved, in which new test parameters for existing programs have been added, as well as new programs such as “Coal coke”, “Electrode coke” and “Stable gas condensate”. But we do not plan to halt the development of our PT department and strive […]

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Is it enough to simply translate an SDS into Russian to get a Russian SDS (and vice versa)?

Safety Data Sheet (SDS, also known as Chemical Safety Passport) is a required document for chemicals which contains information about its hazards, usage, precautions as well as other data required to ensure the safe handling of a given product. The structure of an SDS is determined by the UN GHS Recommendations and is used worldwide. […]

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Aventine’s team participated in a SIBURINTECH conference

SIBURINTECH training facility (part of PJSC “SIBUR Holding”) organized a conference called “Development of analytical chemistry manufacturing laboratories under the framework of import phaseout”, which took place in Tobolsk, Russia, on February 27 – March 1, 2023. Aventine’s team took part in this event and presented a report titled “Proficiency testing programs as an instrument […]

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On recognition of PT Provider’s Accreditation

On recognition of PT Provider’s Accreditation Aventine as Proficiency Testing (PT) Provider is accredited in accordance with ISO/IEC 17043:2010 (GOST ISO/IEC 17043:2010) by the Association of Analytical Centers (AAC) “Analitica”. You can check the status and validity of the Certificate of Accreditation using the Register on the Accreditation Body’s website. AAC “Analitica” was created in […]

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NeweditionsofGOSTstandards on hazard classification and labelingof chemicalshave been enacted

Please note that new editions of the following interstate standards are in force since January 1st, 2023: Some hazard classification definitions have been changed, as well as some hazard classification criteria. The standards have been harmonized with the UN-GHS 7th revision (ST/SG/AC.10/30/Rev.7). For instance, earlier it was possible to classify a chemical as either skin […]

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Regulatory support for export & import of chemicals –2022 in review

Export and import of chemicals remain an important part of activities for companies in Russia and the world as a whole. Although in Russia both export and import supplies show decline, it doesn’t mean that these operations completely stopped. Exporters in Russia regularly use consulting services for KKDIK compliance which is required if they want […]

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Impact of Aventine’s transition to e-documents

Many organizations have to use paper in their business activities, as it’s irreplaceable for their document flow. But it shall be stressed that in order to produce one pack of A4 paper about 8 kilograms of wood is required. Currently many companies are transitioning to electronic document flow (EDF) which means that they exchange e-versions […]

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