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Aventine’s team took part in the annual meeting of AAC “Analitica”


Between 24th and 28TH of April the annual meeting of the Association of Analytical Centers «Analitica» took place at the Klyazma boarding house in the Moscow region. Aventine employees, given that Aventine is a Proficiency Testing Provider accredited by the AAC “Analitica”, took part in the event.

The meeting program included various sections and discussions, including a roundtable dedicated to the problems and challenges associated with the execution of proficiency testing programs. Presentations were made by the AAC “Analitica” experts as well as the other participants.

For example, during the section “Accreditation by the AAC “Analitica”, the experts explained various accreditation schemes and talked about current metrological issues, equity and test methods verification. They also chose the winner of the annual Silver Mole Award for the best testing laboratory.

Annual meetings of the AAC “Analitica” is a great opportunity to change the setting, establish and strengthen contacts with other representatives of the metrological field of work and find out the latest information about the trends in the metrological assurance of the work of testing laboratories, proficiency testing providers and reference materials producers.

Also, Aventine’s staff took part in a seminar organized by AAC “Analitica” under the framework of “Analitica Expo 2023”. The seminar is called “Methods of ensuring the quality of results of testing laboratories”. You can watch the recording of the seminar here (in Russian, a brief registration is required).


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