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Aventine’s staff took part in the scientific conference “Advanced Materials and Technologies 2023” in RTU MIREA


On the 10th-15th of April MIREA – Russian Technological University (RTU MIREA) organised the national scientific and technical conference with international participants called “Advanced Materials and Technologies” (AMT – 2023). The conference is divided into eleven sections comprised of various branches of physics, material science and quality management.

The conference takes place for the sixth time, and it’s organised by the Institute for Advanced Technologies and Industrial Programming (IATIP) which is part of RTU MIREA. Besides MIREA’s students and staff, representatives from other universities participated in the conference, including some foreign universities.

Aventine’s staff took part in two sections of the conference. On the 11th of April as part of Section 4 “Obtaining and complex diagnostics of materials by X-ray diffraction and complementary methods on synchrotron and neutron radiation” a presentation was made on the following topic: “BaTiO3-CaSnO3 system: obtaining, characterisation, properties”. Practical results of the analysis of the BaTiO3-CaSnO3 system were discussed, including proving the fact that the BaTiO3-CaSnO3 system belongs to the perovskite family. The increase of tetragonality of the BaTiO3 crystal structure was also explained.

Also, as part of Section 7 “Metrological support of science-intensive technologies. Standardisation and product quality management” on the 13th of April, the head of PT Provider and graduate student Kirill Skobelev made a presentation “Main principles of proficiency testing for improvement of testing laboratory results”.  A scientific article on this topic was also prepared in co-authorship with Daria Kokurina, PT Provider’s PTP expert. The article is to be published as part of the conference materials.

You can download the conference program via this link


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