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Chemicals supplies to various countries

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Circulation of chemicals is regulated at the legislative level, and the legal requirements of different countries usually seriously differ. The documents which are sufficient for ensuring supplies of chemicals to China, will not satisfy import requirements of the EU. The UK legal requirements have also changed after the withdrawal from the EU.

Compliance with legal requirements of various countries will ensure seamless customs processing and absence of claims from the local regulatory bodies. In some cases, it is enough to develop an SDS in strict compliance with the legislative requirements of the target country.

But in some cases, the procedure of registration as well as appointing a representative of your company in the target country are required – as a result, the preparation can take months. And if your company makes supplies to various countries at once, the different requirements can easily become confusing.

Our company will ensure that your chemicals are compliant with the requirements of various countries on a turnkey basis: you provide the necessary details, we provide the results.