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The Russian Technical Regulation “On Safety of Chemicals” may be implemented in 2024


The Technical Regulation of the Eurasian Economic Union 041/2017 “On Safety of Chemicals” which was approved in 2017, is still not enforced. Among the factors which impeded the implementation of the regulation are difficulties with agreeing on the documents required for the proper functioning of the regulation, as well as COVID-19.

In May 2023 the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia developed a draft Government Decree “On the technical regulation “On Safety of Chemicals”. The public discussion of the draft decree is already finished. If all procedures necessary to make the new Technical Regulation work will be finished in time, the registration of chemicals will be required in September 2024.

What kind of procedures are we talking about? Like the TR EAEU 041/2017, registration of chemicals requires the Register of Chemicals. Supposedly the Register will be formed based on the previous Register, which was the result of inventorying that took place in 2019-2020. It’s possible that additional inventorying will also happen.

Additional documents also must be developed, like “The rules on the classification of substances as banned or substances of concern”, etc.

At the beginning of August, a meeting occurred in which the representative of two Ministry of Industry and Trade departments participated alongside the employees of an expert organization involved in preparing for the TR EAEU 041/2017 implementation. During that meeting, the proposals from the expert organization for the preparation of enactment of the Russian TR “On Safety of Chemicals” were discussed.

As of now the exact terms of the enactment of the Russian TR are unknown. But we recommend that all companies interested in supplying their chemicals to or within Russia get ready to comply with the requirements of the new regulation. Companies based outside of Russia should appoint Only Representatives who will examine the company’s chemicals and develop the action plan. Russian-based companies may also contact experts to get support in preparation for the enactment of the new TR.

If you need consulting on the Russian Technical Regulation “On Safety of Chemicals” or any other aspect of chemicals’ circulation in and outside Russia, Only Representative services, services on SDS or Russian SDS development, etc. – contact us at info@aventine.ru.


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