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About us

Aventine has been providing consulting and expert support to petrochemical complex enterprises in solving issues pertaining to compliance with legislation during manufacturing, transportation and export/import of chemicals.

Aventine’s experts have long participated in harmonization of the Russian legislation with the international requirements, in particular, with the UN GHS Recommendations (Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals) by developing a series of interstate and Russian standards related to chemicals regulation.

Main areas of our company’s activities:

developing applicable technical and supplemental product documentation (labeling, specifications, Russian SDS, SDS, etc.);

expert support of chemical and petrochemical enterprises in export/ import operations;

explaining and tracking changes of legislation of export supplies target countries.

Our company has made a significant contribution to industry representatives based outside of Russia during the procedure of inventorying on chemical substances. This procedure is a part of preparation to the enactment of the EAEU Technical Regulation 041/2017 “On Safety of Chemicals” – the main regulation dedicated to control of chemicals in the EAEU. Further on the following related services are planned:

- expert support of the chemicals state registration procedure;

- selecting analogues of banned/ restricted chemical substances;

- expert support of new substance notification procedure, etc.

With regards to the current legislation applicable in Russia, our company provides services on obtaining certificates of state registration (CSR) and functions as an entity authorized by the manufacturer (EAM), thus carrying responsibility for products’ quality and compliance with the legal requirements before customers and authorized bodies.

Given that Russian enterprises must comply with the new environmental legislation based on best available techniques principle, we provide services of developing next gen environmental documents:

Preparing materials for obtaining IEP for the select group of enterprises (category I + “the list of 300”);

Hazardous substances emissions to air and water monitoring, developing accompanying documents;

Development of Environmental Impact Declaration, calculating technological norms;

Preparing statistical reports (Russian form 2-TP) for air, water and waste, etc.;

Preparing documents for obtaining licenses for waste management;

Waste passportization;

Developing various environmental programs: industrial environmental control, improvement of environmental efficiency, environmental protection measures, etc.;

Filling environmental payments declarations;

Preparing documents for state registration of facilities which have a negative environmental impact.

We also provide services related to waste management, i.e. categorizing wastes as materials with their subsequent use in various projects (for instance, in road construction or construction materials manufacturing). These materials can potentially be categorized as secondary resources.