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Aventine’s employees visited the Red Echo glass factory in Vladimir Oblast


On the 20th of April 2023, Aventine’s employees took a trip to the glass factory Red Echo (LLC KRASNOYE ECHO) located in the Gus-Khrustalny district of Vladimir Oblast. They went there together with MIREA – Russian Technological University students of Innovation Studies. The trip was organised by the Best Available Techniques and Regulatory Practices chair of RTU MIREA.

The factory is located in the Urshelsky settlement, in a designated conservation area – the national park “Meshchera”. The factory has a long history – its predecessor was founded in 1858. The enterprise worked almost non-stop until 1992. In 2001 the company Red Echo took initiative to restore the factory, creating 370 jobs. The reconstruction was completed in 2007, modern equipment was installed in all sections.

During the trip, students learned about the technology of tare glass manufacturing and saw all the production stages of the Red Echo factory in the Urshelsky settlement. The company Red Echo is known for its involvement in implementing the best available techniques in the glass industry. This is especially important since the production is located in a designated conservation area.

BAT implementation is only a part of the process of transition to new environmental regulations in Russia. If you need a consultation on the upcoming legislation changes or assistance in obtaining a complex environmental permit, contact Aventine’s experts at info@aventine.ru.

Source: aventine.ru

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