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  • Indispensable prerequisite for confirming laboratory’s competence
  • Demonstrating or improving laboratory’s performance
  • Risk management method
  • Personnel performance and equipment health assessment method
  • Comparison and error checking of different test methods

Why you should work with us?


Our team has been working with PTPs for over 10 years

Aventine is the only company authorized by ASTM International to provide their PT programs in Russia and CIS states

Online portal for submitting test results for PT programs

Our company is accredited by ACC.PTP.00588

Certificate of Accreditation and Scope of Accreditation

Our company is the only partner
authorized to carry out PTPs
by ASTM International in Russia and CIS states

Confirmation Letter from ASTM International

Our PT programs


  • 15-21-Natural-Gas-2022-PT-Program
  • 14-21-Liquefied-hydrocarbon-gases-2022-PT-Program
  • 6-21-Turbine-hydraulic-transformer-oil-2022-PT-program
  • 24-21-Stable-gas-gasoline-2022-1-PT-program
  • 2-21-Automobile-Gasoline-2022-1-PT-program
  • 8-21-Bitumen-2022-1-PT-Program
  • 7-21-Mazut-2022-1-PT-program
  • 4-21-Jet-Engine-Fuel-2022-1-PT-Program
  • 3-21-Diesel-fuel-2022-1-PT-program.
  • 5-21-PPK-1-21-OIl-2022-1-PT-programm
  • 1-21-OIl-2022-1-PT-programm
  • PTP-coal-2021-1-PT-programm


  • Automobile gasoline-ASTM-2021-1
  • Motor oil-ASTM-2021-1
  • Polypropylene ASTM-2021-1
  • Low density polyethylene ASTM -2021-1
  • Diesel fuel-ASTM-2021-1
  • Aluminum
  • Woven Fabrics
  • Knit Fabrics
  • Yarn & Thread

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How to participate in a PT program?

Sign up to the PT-Online system

If you have questions about working in the system, call us or send an email to ptp@aventine.ru

Download and fill the application

IMPORTANT: Please pay attention to filling the application. The information provided in the application must be authentic and up-to-date as it will be used for drafting the final documents: certificate of participation, report. If any information is changed, please inform the Provider immediately

Attach the application in .pdf format in the PT-Online system

In case any items of the contract for participation in PTP needs to be changes, all changes are negotiated individually. When sending information via email please specify the name of the program in the subject

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Our expert will get in touch within two workdays