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Only 9 months left till the KKDIK Regulation is enforced!


The Republic of Turkey gradually introduces new legislation which regulates chemicals – the KKDIK Regulation. This law is similar to EU REACH. Such legislation is introduced to enhance the quality and safety management of local and imported chemicals on a country’s market.

The main principle of KKDIK is “no data – no market”. This means that exporting chemicals to Turkey is not possible if the substances which make up the product aren’t registered. This principle comes into force on 01.01.2024.

This means that to continue supplying chemicals to Turkey you need to register the chemical substances which are present in your chemicals.

To comply with all KKDIK Regulation’s requirements you need an Only Representative in the Republic of Turkey. It’s the Only Representative’s job to organize all necessary procedures, request the data that might be necessary from you and ensure that your substance is registered.

If you need services on KKDIK compliance and exporting chemicals to Turkey, please contact us at info@aventine.ru.


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