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EU REACH was enforced on June 1st, 2007, and it quickly became the model of proper control of chemicals. REACH compliance procedures are performed on a substance basis as opposed to a chemical as a whole: if your company supplies over a ton of a substance per year into the EU, you must register this substance by providing data to the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA)

In addition to registration, the following services might also be required:

  • — Assessment of risks and exposure scenarios;
  • — Developing a chemical safety report;
  • — Purchasing data from registrants;
  • — Laboratory testing and computer modelling of substance’s properties (for instance, (Q)SAR); — SDS development;
  • — Label development.
  • Registration,
  • Evaluation and
  • Authorisation of
  • CHemicals



  • Registration
  • Evaluation
  • Authorisation
  • Restriction
  • Harmonised classification and labelling
  • Access to information (Right to know)
2-6 months

Substance identification

Forming a registration dossier in ECHA​

Obtaining a registration number in ECHA

Only an entity registered in the EU can perform procedures under REACH. An importer can do this, but in case there are many importers, it’s best to appoint a special organisation, i.e., a so-called Only Representative (OR)

Apply for the OR Services (European Union)