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The Global Directory for testing laboratories


Global Data Vision has developed a useful too for various industry branches, sellers and distributors of goods and consumers: the global register of testing laboratories – The Global Directory.

The Global Directory is available on its dedicated website https://theglobaldirectory.org. It has a multilingual interface, including Russian, Chinese and other major languages. The search tool allows to look for labs using keywords and standards. Advanced search allows to filter labs by its location.

The following information can be added to the laboratory’s profile:

— address, website and category of the lab;

— standards used for testing;

— accreditation;

— certificates;

— services;

— tested products;

— testing services.

Adding your lab to The Global Directory allows you to attract new clients and effectively present your services in competition with other organizations. The multilingual interface also allows you to find foreign clients or partners.

If you want to add your lab to The Global Directory, contact us at info@aventine.ru.


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