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Suspected hormone disrupting chemicals are present in almost 1 in 4 deodorants


Do you know which chemicals are present in your deodorant? A new ingredients review by the Danish Consumer Council has found that almost 1 in 4 deodorants could contain substances that researchers and authorities suspect of being disruptive to the hormonal system.

The Danish Consumer Council reviewed the ingredient’s lists of 61 commonly used deodorants and found 14 deodorants in the test contained substances suspected of being endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs).

A deodorant is a personal care product that is usually applied daily: the ingredients in your deodorant stay on your skin for a long time, until you wash again. Therefore, your choice of deodorant is important if you are looking to reduce your exposure to unwanted chemicals that could be allergenic or hormone disrupting.

A recent global study from the Danish Consumer Council found unwanted chemicals, including allergenic substances and substances that are suspected of being endocrine disruptors, in a wide range of cosmetic products available worldwide. CHEM Trust participated in this study looking at popular cosmetic and personal care products available in the UK. 20 of the 28 products surveyed in the UK contained one or more unwanted chemicals.

Even if these deodorants contain relatively low concentrations of EDCs, it’s a good idea to avoid these products if possible. Throughout our lives we are exposed to a mixture of chemicals from multiple sources, such as food packaging, soft furnishings and cosmetics. This is called a “cocktail effect”: multiple different chemicals can impact our health even if their concentrations is below industrial safety levels, because they all impact us simultaneously.

Source: https://chemtrust.org/news/deodorants-edcs-test/

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