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“Shchekinoazot” is fueled from the Sun


The United Chemical Company “Shchekinoazot” now obtains energy from suppliers using renewable energy sources.

One of the largest enterprises of the Tula Region in Russia, “Shchekinoazot”, now receives solar-generated energy. The supplies of energy from “Avelar Solar Technology” via wholesale electrical energy and power market began on 24th of March.

Starting on 1st of March, 2021 “Shchekinoazot” already obtains wind energy, the company’s representatives say. Energy supplies from Rostov windpower plants without associated carbon dioxide emissions are done from joint ventures of Fortum, Russian Direct Investment Fund and Mosenergosbyt.

The company set a goal to lower its carbon footprint and to find effective ways of achieving that goal.

The United Chemical Company “Shchekinoazot” is one of leading industrial chemicals manufacturing companies (methanol, caprolactam, cyclohexane, etc., as well as household chemicals and linoleum) and chemical equipment, their facilities are based in the Tula Region of Russia. They manufacture approximately 2 million tons of chemical per year. 70% of their products are exported to the countries of Western and Eastern Europe and the CIS; Asia, the US and Latin America.

Source: https://oilcapital.ru/news/downstream/29-03-2021/schekinoazot-zapitalsya-ot-solntsa

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