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NeweditionsofGOSTstandards on hazard classification and labelingof chemicalshave been enacted


Please note that new editions of the following interstate standards are in force since January 1st, 2023:

  • GOST 32419-2022 Chemical hazard classification. General requirements
  • GOST 31340-2022 Labelling of chemicals. General requirements

Some hazard classification definitions have been changed, as well as some hazard classification criteria. The standards have been harmonized with the UN-GHS 7th revision (ST/SG/AC.10/30/Rev.7).

For instance, earlier it was possible to classify a chemical as either skin or respiratory sensitizer. According to the updated GOST ГОСТ 32419-2022 it’s necessary to determine the subclass of sensitisation.

Please note that the updated standards must be used for development of new GOST 30333-compliant Russian SDS or updating the earlier developed Russian SDS.

If you’d like to order development and/or registration of Russian SDS or any other SDS, place contact us at info@aventine.ru.


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