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Impact of Aventine’s transition to e-documents


Many organizations have to use paper in their business activities, as it’s irreplaceable for their document flow. But it shall be stressed that in order to produce one pack of A4 paper about 8 kilograms of wood is required.

Currently many companies are transitioning to electronic document flow (EDF) which means that they exchange e-versions of documents (mainly the ones related to bookkeeping) using EDF operator’s telecommunication channels, and Aventine is no exception.

But apart from accounting documents PT Provider must issue a number of finishing documents – results of a proficiency testing program via interlaboratory comparison, which includes a PT Program final report.

This April Aventine’s management have made a decision to send the final reports of PT Programs electronically to all participants, leaving them an opportunity to request a print version. We announced this in one of our news.

In the 8 months which have passed since then we’ve been sending out e-reports, which has approximately saved 14 000 paper sheets, or 224 kilograms of wood.

We thank our clients for their understanding and help in preserving the nature.


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