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Hazardous waste in Russia is going to be e-monitored


Starting in March of 2022 the Russian companies which produce hazard category I and II wastes and cannot handle them on their own, will have to streamline them to the Federal Ecological Operator – part of the state company Rosatom. A dedicated information system has been created for that. It launched about a month ago and over 2000 companies have already signed up in it, says Andrey Lebedev, director of the direction for implementing state and branch programs.

All operations with haz cat I and II wastes will only be possible in that system. It will allow to sign agreements electronically, monitor and control the entire lifecycle of wastes, optimize the logistics. Enterprises provide information about the types of waste, their sources and typical outputs, storage locations and limits. Operators in turn inform about the factual amounts of transferred, processed and decontaminated waste.

The system comes with a mobile app as well as integration with other Russian state services, such as Gosuslugi, Tax-3, GLONASS, etc., which excludes the need to submit the same data multiple times.

Among the first to join the system were oil enterprises: Lukoil, Gazprom, Rosneft, Transneft, energy producers: Inter RAO, Rosseti, metallurgy companies: Rusal, Norilsk Nickel, Pipe metallurgical company, automobile industry: AvtoVAZ, KAMAZ.

“Russia indeed shows interest both for environmental projects as well as using green financing. Banks actively implement loan products with percentages clearly depending on company’s performance in achieving sustainable development indicators. Thanks to the new systems the enterprises will be able to clearly show how their hazardous wastes are managed,” – says Lebedev.

Source: https://www.vedomosti.ru/ecology/national_projects/news/2022/01/27/906617-polzovatelyami-fgis-opvk-stali-bolee-2-tis-kompanii

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