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BAT implementation in the Volgograd region


ndustrial organizations in the Volgograd region continue to implement investment projects aimed at reducing the burden on the environment, including introducing best available techniques (BAT). The experience of Volgograd enterprises is included in information and technical reference books by federal experts and therefore is recommended for replication.

According to the committee for industrial policy, trade and the fuel and energy complex of the Volgograd region, the experience of regional enterprises in their transition to the BAT principles is presented in federal information and technical reference books which systemize practices and thus allow them to be introduced by other enterprises throughout the country.

The specialists from JSC «Caustic» and the Volzhsky Abrasive Plant took part in development and updating of the «Production of other basic inorganic chemicals» reference book. The “Ecological Soderberg” technology, developed by RUSAL, is included in the “Aluminum Production” reference book. OOO LUKOIL-Volgogradneftepererabotka is currently taking part in updating the “Oil Refining” reference book. The technology of sodium hydrosulfide solution manufacturing, developed by the specialists of Volzhsky Orgsintez JSC, is included in the “Production of special inorganic chemicals” reference book. In addition, the employees of this enterprise have applied for participation in updating the «Manufacturing of fine organic synthesis products» reference book.

Currently, the enterprises of the Volgograd region continue to implement investment projects to achieve the highest environmental standards. For example, in 2021 the project of reconstructing the primary oil refining unit and optimizing recycling water supply units is planned to be completed at the site of LUKOIL-VolgogradneftepererabotkaAlso, the plant intends to start the construction of a new automated environmental control system.

Volgograd Aluminum Smelter is introducing the EcoSoderberg technology, which is one of the priority modernization projects for RUSAL. At present, this technology is already being used in three electrolytic cells.

The Volzhsky Abrasive Plant is implementing a project to equip emission sources with automated control systems, and the Sebryakovcement enterprise is upgrading its grinding capacity and logistics infrastructure equipment. As part of the project, a closed clinker warehouse with the capacity of 90 thousand tons will be built, its main advantage is absence of dust formation during loading, storage and dosing of material. In order to achieve that, 4 multi-chamber silos are planned to be built, equipped with packaging lines and simultaneous shipment of bulk and packaged cement to road and rail transport.

The industrial enterprises of the Volgograd region plan to spend 3.2 billion rubles for the implementation of projects to reduce the negative impact on the environment in 2021. 2.9 billion account for the implementation of BAT. In total, in the years 2017 — 2020, the amount of investments of industrial organizations dedicated to solving environmental problems exceeded 14 billion rubles. About 60 industrial companies of the region are involved in this work. The largest number of projects is in the chemical and metallurgical industries.

Source: http://cod34.ru/reportaji/promyshlennaya-ekologiya-predpriyatiya-volgogradskoj-oblasti-vnedryayut-nailuchshie-dostupnye-texnologii-127572.html

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