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Aventine at AAC Analitica’s Annual Meeting ‘2022


Aventine cares deeply about personnel qualifications – to ensure that the services which we provide to our clients are done as efficiently and competently as possible. Our quality specialist Daria Kokurina visited the Annual Meeting of the Association of analytical centers «Analitica» which took place on 18-22 of April, 2022.

Some of the most important topics of laboratories’ accreditation and metrological assurance of analytical control were discussed during the meeting, such as: “Changes in the regulatory documents for compliance assessment and ensuring the uniformity of measurements”, “Features and techniques of effective quality management in a petrophysical laboratory”, “Issues of recognition of accreditation results”, etc.

An exhibition “Analitika Expo” in the International Exhibition Center “Crocus Expo” was also attended as a part of the meeting. A session called “Record keeping in analytical laboratories. Requirements of the standard GOST ISO/IEC 17025-2019 for record keeping” took place there, and the following issues were discussed: quality assurance in laboratories, record keeping which proves metrological traceability of measurements’ and tests’ results, tests’ technical record keeping and risk management.

“Analitika Expo” participants presented lab equipment, chemical agents, lab furniture and glassware, lab measurements automation equipment, biotechnological equipment and measurement and control equipment.

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